Getting Started

The following is a brief summary of the changes you may need to make to meet our race car specifications:

  • A full 6 point FIA approved roll cage (provided and fitted by an approved supplier)
  • Fully plumbed fire extinguisher system
  • Single FIA approved (in date) race seat (2 seats are allowed to increase weight if required)
  • Full 5 or 6 point FIA approved race harness (in date)
  • Fully adjustable front and rear suspension usually Meister or Gaz (Class specific see Regs)
  • Race spec wheels usually Team Dynamic or Rota (Class specific see Regs)

MMC-UK Offer a full Service & Support Package to help new and experienced drivers with preparing their cars.

We can even help new and returning drivers attain their ARDS Licence.

If you have ‘any’ Mazda Race Car, you can probably race it with us!